It’s been a long week Qtips!  Mess has been falling from the sky like manna and this week’s blessing is brought to us by Pastor Jamal H. Bryant of Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, MD.  He’s been  getting his congregation all riled up and wranched in the spirit with a very controversial sermon in which he exclaims “These Hoes Ain’t Loyal!” You heard me. Passa say “THESE HOES AIN’T LOYAL!”  Check out this clip and, of course, my comments after.

You know what bothers me about this clip?  The fact that it appeals to the lowest vibration of spirituality. I’m all for a minister confronting the everyday struggles of his flock, but when you’re a man of God referring to a group of women as hoes I think it’s time to pause.

This is the typa shyt I’d expect to hear from some Black Love admin on Facebook, not an “ordained” servant of the Lord.  Is this what it’s come to?  Preachers quoting Chris Brown in the house of the Lord to make a point?! The Awesome blogger Luvvie broke down Passa’s background. I can’t be wallowing around in that mess, but he’s just like what we read about all the time with these egomaniac hypnotists.  I don’t have a problem saying that there are lot of aspects of the whole “Black Church” culture that I’m not ready to attribute to true praise.  It all just seems a little too contrived, theatrical, and downright manipulative. When you’re spiritual, no matter what religion, you have to be careful who you connect to. I can’t see myself praying with anyone dumb enough to get fooled by this sort of foolishness and FuQQery.  I can’t bind my spirit to that, and it baffles me how others do it.    

My friend K.Savali posted on the matter earlier citing part of the video we didn’t see. 

The “Man of God” doesn’t stop there; he also had words for “baby mamas” and “sanctified sissies.”

With this level of misogyny permeating the “Word,” it’s little wonder that Black women are leaving the church in droves.

You can’t let just anybody be your spiritual guide.  You’re better off finding the Lord on your own if your in the house of the lord ready to fight hoes over a man. You know that’s what’s going on.  You know this church is full of Mess and this sermon is just a way of cooling their little orgy pot down. If folks are going to the church solely to manage their sex lives then we are in some sorry ass shape. Men and women running around the church twisted in the spirit over relationship advice is so far removed from what God’s word was intended to be that I wonder how they even justify that they are there for prayer anymore.  the whole thing just seems like a sanctified sex club.  I get preaching monogamy, but not to their point where you’re delivering a sermon like you’re in an adult Facebook group.

Just look at the title of the sermon. “I am my enemy’s worst nightmare” He found a clever way to title a sermon “My haters.” Sounds like he’s talking directly to someone.  Sounds like he’s ready to fight someone.  I thought Jesus didn’t want us to have enemies?  And why do I get the feeling his enemy is one of the Deacons and not Satan?

This is sad. He probably then FuQQed somebody’s wife in the congregation and he’s trying to keep the Deacon from beating his ass by letting him know “These hoes for everybody!”   And they are running around clowning like he’s anointed them with tongues of fire. (I just fuQQing can’t anymore)  it just doesn’t seem righteous to me, but perhaps I’d have to see it in it’s full context.  Check it out here.  It didn’t move me like it did the rest of the congregation.

Qmunity, as always, I bring it to you.  Do you go to a church like this? Does a pastor giving you relationship advice touch you in a place that only the spirit knows?  Does it bother you that a Pastor is this disrespectful to fallen women in the church?  Are these the teachings of Jesus Christ? 

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