So I just saw this interview that 50 Cent did on 106th & Park where he addressed all the social media attention he’s been getting for not attending his oldest son’s, Marquis, graduation.  Basically he blamed the bad relationship with Marquis’ mother for his absentee parenting. Check out the interview and then my thoughts after!

50 Goes dishes on Babymama

50 Cent knows wall the right words to say to make himself look like the good guy in any situation. Even when he’s being an asshole. Much like Floyd Mayweather’s butt hurt interview earlier this month, he’s all shrugged shoulders and furloughed brow which should always be a red flag that this person is nowhere near as innocent as they’re letting on. I will give 50 that his son’s mother hates him.  That’s obvious, and yes he pays for his son’s schooling. That’s a pricey bill for an education that’s going to take that young man far.  However, I’m real tired of black men letting women dictate the relationship they have with their kids.  There’s so much you can do to be a father without her involvement.

My parents were divorced by the time I graduated and I know for a fact that my mom didn’t invite my dad to my graduation. I didn’t even invite him because he knew when it was. He knew when it was because he was an active part of my life which 50 should be.  I’m sick of hearing from these rich deadbeat dads how much money they send and never talking about the time their spending. In all fairness, I never heard anything negative about my father from my mother’s lips, and I have to acknowledge that that makes a huge difference.  I’m sure that is not the case with this bunch. This woman looks like she tells her son everyday “Ya daddy ain’s shyt!”

There’s probably a lot of bad blood between all three of them, and it don’t seem like they actually want a relationship.  Sometimes that happens. I guess the only thing that I can say in defense of 50 to his son is that your mom seems to be just as toxic for you as your dad. That’s where I feel sorry for the kid because at some point, if you’re a woman that loves your son, you have to put feelings of anger, pettiness, and resentment behind you for his betterment. Sons are very defensive of their mothers and many of these #NewMothers use that as a manipulation tool. The hold on to their sons as if their the man that’s left them. It’s evil and demonic. However, when you’re a father with the money and means to defend yourself against these manipulations it would take very little effort to show a child your fatherly side.

I only saw my parents as mother over here and father over there.  I never saw them as two ratchet ass individuals mad at each other because they aren’t fuQQing anymore.  The way 50 is going on about “I hope she find somebody and leaves me alone” is tacky. Anytime you’re speaking like that about the mother of your kids you’re failing. I don’t think your children should know the details of your sex life and make ups to breaks ups.  To force them to take a side in such matters is immature. But again that’s that new parenting we’re seeing so much of.

I’m using take this as an opportunity to show where co-parenting is failing, and to urge fathers in the urban community to fight for their relationships with their kids as hard as they can.  No matter what is said, fathers are needed in our communities desperately.  It’s sad that so many women won’t let men be a father to their child without being the trade piece in her bed, but I give no sympathy there either. If you plant a seed in toxic soil you shouldn’t expect your sperm to turn it virtuous. I urge #ResponsibleBreeding

Now these are just my thoughts on a situation that I have very limited info to, but the themes seem to reoccur all throughout social media and in society, but I want your opinion as well. Do you think a majority of absentee fathers use a dramatic relationship with the mom as an excuse not to be there?  Or Does the mom spoil the child’s opinion so bad that it’s impossible for the father to create a bond?

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