In the aftermath of Colin Kaepernick being made the new face of Nike we have seen an explosion of racist backlash against the company for supporting an American exercising his constitutional rights. Including a bashing by our own disgraceful President Trump.

Business owners and white nationalists have even taken to burning Nikes and “slashing prices” to get rid of Nike inventory. All of this seems to be in vein, however, since sales of Nikes rose 31% according to Marketwatch.

Right outside of New Orleans is Jefferson Parish, whose been in the headlines COUNTLESS times for it’s overt racism, and within that is The City of Kenner whose mayor has “allegedly” just sent out a memo banning all Nike products from the city’s Parks and Recreation.

I wanted to dismiss the letter, written on Mayor E. “Ben” Zahn, III’s letterhead, as internet photoshop, but sources have confirmed it’s authenticity. 

Trusted source, Raymond Dalaney Jr. reached out to City of Kenner District 1 Councilman Gregory Carroll who confirmed the letter to be valid:


There’s sure to be backlash from such a provocative move by a city official in the area. And I will update this blog with reactions from other local officials. 

How do you, The Readers, feel about a Mayor making such a polarizing move?


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