So Chrisette Michelle and Tina Campbell are trending again on social media whining about the career ending blows they suffered as a result for supporting Donald Trump.

Chrisette recently broke her social media silence to give us an update on how she’s been since singing at Donald Trump’s inauguration. Sis has been going through and she wanted us to hear all about it and feel responsible.

  1. She was dropped from her label- I’m not quite sure how that was our faults but she explains here on Instagram. I just kinda feel like if you want us to buy your records then perhaps you shouldn’t support people men that oppress us.

If social media wanted to pull me down, I guess they succeeded as it pertains to Capitol & Caroline records. I complete an entire album and my label decides to walk away from me. Capitol records. I was quiet for a few days… I go into the studio and literally poured out my heart and soul and the label decides to walk away from me? It’s one thing to be a strong black woman, it’s another thing to be a strong black woman who has to fight against the worst odds. I went from someone being revered and loved to facing putting out an album in the worst climate of my musical career. No victims here. I get it…. But absolutely human here. How hard can you try to break someone? How hard can you try to ruin someone? How much hate do you need to spew to show me you want to see my demise? I won’t stop #StrongBlackWoman

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2. She’s having suicidal thoughts. We all get a little down sometimes. When I’m feeling a variety of ways I can’t get a handle on I take Lexapro. I don’t put guilt trips on my audience. Well..sometimes I do, but not for betraying my entire fanbase then getting mad at them for not being able to deal with it.


People ask me how I’m so positive after all I’ve been thru….. When you’re laying in bed naked, next to a bottle of Bacardi and Xanex. When you wear pajamas Morning and night. When you don’t pick up the phone for weeks, months. When you’re afraid to look at social media. I know I’ve sown positive seeds. I know I’ve lifted people. I know I’ve been a part of community activations and black empowerment. When a community sticks its middle finger up at you and completely forgets everything you’ve ever done, you’re worthless… You’ve just spent ten years kicking your own ass to be there for everyone and suddenly no one is there for you? I don’t need to be here…. And when you’ve drank so much you can’t see clearly. And when your speech is so slurred you just stop speaking. You hope you don’t wake up. Thing is. I know God. He was kind enough to soften the blow. I promise you, I felt Him cover me like a blanket. I told Him I was out of control. I told Him I was having thoughts about leaving and not finishing all He’s called me to. He listened. There in lied my therapy. Music was written in this prayer closet of sorts. Dialogue with God. Call me crazy, but it’s better than being dead. There’s no one who will make me apologize for shouting from the roof tops that I have the overcoming story of a powerful and #StrongBlackWoman

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3. She had a miscarriage. She posted this in the same block fashion as well as a picture the dead fetus which was so disturbing I won’t embed it on this site. Here’s how she blamed that on us too.

“You don’t have to be a celebrity to fail, to fight, to struggle. Pain is universal… I went into the gym and trained like a body builder to try and push past the pain I was feeling. I’d run up hill and lift weights heavier then strong men. I’d cry my way thru workouts. My trainer would cheer me up. God bless him. I pushed so hard and ate so much protein, I scarfed away my hurt. My old habits of binge eating disorder began to show themselves. Drinking maybe nothing but water for a day after a day of heavy intake. My trainer didn’t know it but he was feeding the demon that covered up hurt with food. I had a long cycle. Something came out of me. It was my child. The one my love and I worked so hard on. I never knew I could allow myself to be so broken that my physical body would break down. A miscarriage? Me? This experience of a broken nation showed itself in my own physical body. That was when I knew I had to pull it together. Heal, Forgive. Just because I had a negative experience didn’t mean I had to become negative and broken. When I lost my child I knew that it was time for me to become a #StrongBlackWoman”

She then went on to bond with Tina Campbell over being shunned for Trump support.


Christians, Buddhists and Muslims all have different philosophy. We’re still all one people. Democrats and Republicans usually never agree, but we can disagree without division. Tina. You’ve lifted up so many hearts, shared your very personal story to let women know they aren’t alone in their struggles and obstacles. You’ve come thru a bumpy relationship and showed us what forgiveness truly looks like. You’re not alone. While hot water surrounds any political choice I know you’ve followed your convictions. You thought that from your Christian perspective, sticking to your roots was the way. While I don’t support “Trump”, I support your cry of love over the years. Your music has brought me closer to the Father and healed my heart from the first time you sang. I stepped on the stage to sing before a crowd I didn’t agree with, having the intention to heal, unify, be a voice. We can disagree with out dividing. We can love each other with different views and perspectives. We can’t tear each other down when people don’t say what we want them to. It’s so important that choices begin conversations and not crucifixion. Adults do this thing I’d like to call “choice shaming”. It mimics what children do with bullying. It causes a silencing that mutes the people who have made great contributions. I pray that your next steps in life are full with conversation amongst the greatest minds and compel a more peaceful and unified space for us all to live in, with our very own convictions. If the cause is to lift up the name of our Father, love, unity and peace, I’d sing with you on any stage just like I did with our brother Travis. #StrongBlackWoman with a unique perspective and her very own voice. Peace be with you 🙏🏾

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Tina just recently had to cancel her tour due to low ticket sales.

I’m an empathic person, so i feel really bad for these ladies. I hate to see anyone suffer. I have as much compassion as I can for people who voted for Trump. I’m not sure how they saw this going? But apparently it’s going OPPOSITE of that Satan tricked them into thinking because they both seemed SHOCKED by the backlash against them. Even claiming they’re the victims of “Choice-Shaming.” {I’m not sure what that is. I think someone made that up}

Here’s why that excuse doesn’t fly. I have friends that are black republicans, but Donald Trump is a completely different animal than the usual Republican politicians we’re used to. This man is literally inciting white nationalists, klansmen, and other nazi-like alt-right groups into a manic, racial frenzy targeting immigrants, women and minorities.  So when two black women show their support for him what reaction were they expecting from their BLACK fanbase?

Not to mention how cocky and smug Tina Campbell was when she appeared on The Real

{Her sister is sitting there watching her throw her career away.}

Look at how sassy she was. She really felt like she had the last word. And the entitlement!

She thought she was going to tell black people Trump is align with her Christianity and they were gonna want an anointed word from her. I wonder if she’s still this cocky and confident in her beliefs. Especially since Trump won’t publicly acknowledge either of them and his fanbase doesn’t support them. Was it worth it?

Personally, I’m not even mad that she voted for him. Who you vote for is your right as well as your right to keep it private, but when you go public with it and tell your audience you don’t care how they feel it becomes something completely different.

Chrisette’s base is literally the woke black crowd. Did she really think they would overlook her singing for Trump?

Did Tina really think telling us that she voted for Trump because he aligned with her Christian values would go over well with her Black Church supporters?

If they didn’t see this coming I feel sad for them, but sometimes life don’t go how we plan it.

Next time you want to support a man who supports and promotes your oppression you might wanna keep that to yourself because we can’t control what typa way your supporters are going to feel about that.

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