I woke up this morning and checked Google News and social media feeds when I see the V-103 Atlanta radio station Instagram page has posted a poll attached to a video of a man violently lashing his daughter with a leather belt because she was allegedly caught having sex. Imagine that being the first thing you see in the morning.

It really made me think for a hot second about the things that we feel we should show to the world and how the collective encourages it.

I thought about is how while Trump is galvanizing his base to “send her back” and empowering racists to become more bold in their actions we have black parents that think we wanna see them beat the shyt out of their kids on social media. What is even the point of that?

I’m surprised by the pages that are sharing it to an agreeing audience of black people. Usually the same delegation who will call your content negative if you share two black adults fighting. Pretending that  their polls are some mandatory government census they just had to share and not the fact that they know their black audiences love seeing black violence. How can you look at such barbaric violence and decide as a group whether it’s deserved or not? Does it support the hypothesis that we bond too much in pain, violence, and dysfunction? (You even get the feeling some are aroused by it)

It’s so weird to watch a full grown man beat his daughter with such force. There was no restraint. You can tell that was with all his might. If she were his girlfriend the same women I saw cheering him on would be calling for his arrest.

It’s also amazing you never see these same men use half this amount of strength against police or racists. Then they’re trying to plead their humanity or get you to see their sad story and give them a photo op hug. Shyt is sad.

But look at the way that the focus was on the girl having sex and not on the obvious violence and abuse she must face in the home. Abusers in the black community are really good at getting the other abusers to “see their side” and all they really need is any ole flimsy excuse. Just like trigger happy cops just looking for any ole excuse to shoot.

Look what they turned you into.

Children are supposed to feel safe in their home. Even if they make a mistake. But where are black children ever safe?

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Vitamin Q (VQ) is a writer, blogger personality, and a social commentator. He irreverently analyzes how social issues affect individuals in modern society by using sarcasm, humor, and intellect, creating his own unique blend of Southern SHADE, purely for the purpose of helping like minds cope. “I say it so you don’t have to!”
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