Hello Qool Hive! It’s been one hell of a week. America has gone full Nazi with the events that have taken place in Charlottesville, Va, and the aftermath is revealing all our cool white friends to be Nazi sympathizers who desire an Aryan nation.

As you know The Alt Right has not been well about the removal of their beloved Confederate monuments. For all the “get over it’s” they tell the black community about slavery they just can’t seem to let go of any of the symbols of their ancestor’s treason against the constitution of the United States.

They took to the streets of Charlottesville in the dark of night by the light of tiki torches to protest, assault and even kill those who stood in their way.


I dropped by to Hot 103.7 for my weekly visit with Big Abe. CliQ to hear the convo.

Then Trump came out and blamed “all sides” so not to anger his Nazi base. Then he backtracked on those statements and spoke against the Nazis. Then he backtracked on that and said Antifa was the instigators.

His refusal to call them white supremacists or terrorists spoke volumes to the American people. American Nazis however thought he handled himself well.

For example….a popular local wrestler who broke my heart yesterday saying that Trump has publicly disavowed his Nazi fanboys on many occasions and what more could we the American people who stand for liberty want from him. I took the bait.

Then things went left. You heard all the usual things you usually hear.

“Blacks are the ones that’s racist”

“I’m 1/100000th Native American”

“What about Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson. They’re more racist than me”

“Black lives matter is just as racist as the kkk”

“The KKK isn’t racist”

“Trump is a good President.”

They ALWAYS assume we ALL grew up in the projects. But that’s totally not racist.

I’m real sick of them pretending to be Native American when it suits them when we know they weren’t at standing rock. He didn’t like being reminded of this fact so he brought things to the inbox. Rob Bechtold

It’s always the beige kids fighting for white supremacy the hardest so they feel apart of something. Especially when you look like this and have to convince yourself you’re on the side of supremacy.

In closing I’ll say this. You see so many whites on these feeds that used to say that Black Lives Matter is a hate group who are now backtracking because there are actual hate groups out. Do not for a minute trust whites who are trying to convince you that oppressed minorities fighting for their equality are of the same ilk as Nazis, ku klux klan, and militant Alt-Right.

They are teaching them these soundbytes at atl right orientations and when the day comes that they come to your town you should expect those same “cool white friends” to take up arms and march with them…..against YOU! Charlottesville will be coming to a city near you sooner than you think. Don’t let your “cool white friends”, as you’re always calling them, straddle the fence between you and their nazi friends.


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