Celebrity blogger B Scott has reported that celebrity “couple” Sean P.Diddy Combs and girlfriend Cassie have not only split, but have been apart for quite some time. 

There have even been sightings of Diddy with a new asian trade-in, but Diddy assures he is single. You can read all the mess details on Diddy’s juggling of young, ambiguous race models here.


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Now in response the break-up countless social media blogs are saying that Diddy “wasted her time” with the 11 year on again/ off again relationship, but if we’re honest….did he really?

I feel like we should be at the point where we are honest about how things are. Diddy clearly wants a harem of women on standby that will all get along with each other, take care of each other’s children, and help keep each other pretty for when he’s not giving his “flavor of the month” male artist his undivided attention.

Cassie knew what it was, and when she got tired of it she checked out. She’s still a young woman with a long life ahead of her. You have to be flexible and open to change when you’re living “beard life.” And the audience has to stop pretending these situationships are love stories. Because no woman whose looking for a committed straight man ready to settle down and expand his family with her is looking at Puffy as a viable option. Puffy is more the “he looks like a old closet gay dude with money still insecure about appearances so maybe he’ll take care of me if I play my position” type. And you never get your feelings into THAT type!

The trick is knowing what it is before it is!

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