Cardi B finally released her follow up to Bodak Yellow from her upcoming “Invasion of Privacy” album, and I decided to do a video review this time.  I was smoking some sour diesel so I kind of rambled on a bit in the middle, but you get the jist. it was trash. But here it is so you can confirm. The track is called “Be Careful” and it’s supposed to be some sort of a “warning” or “promise” to Offset of Migos to let him know she’s tired of sharing his d*** with every groupie he meets on the road.

A+ for clickbait though. “Be careful” is a great play on the insecurities of present-day women who like to wallow in the misery over men that cheat on them over and over again. I just feel like Beyonce and JayZ have beat this dead horse until we just don’t care how often y’all get cheated on anymore.

Fr a lil extra tea it seems Cardi B may have had a ghost writer {Duh}. Check out this tweet.

Hey…everybody gets a little help, and its obvious she needed some since it’s taken her so long just to deliver this, but it’s obvious she’s had other things slowing her down.


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