The above clip is said to be the aftermath of Birdman throwing a drink at Lil Wayne while he performs on stage at LIV Nightclub in Miami. Men….when it gets to this point it’s time for someone to walk away.

TMZ reports that as Lil Wayne started singing about his issues with Cash Money Birdman doused the stage with vodka.


Oh Birdman. We all been here girl. You’re out. Trying to have a good time, and then you see HIM/HER, and it FuQs up your entire night. You don’t know where to put your emotions because rebound bae is getting old and you want that old thang back, so you lash out. We all been here. It’s no fun, but you really have to try better to keep it together. Throwing drinks in the club like some Love and Hip Hop thot is so unlady-like.

This is no way for grown men to act in public, private, or in the land of Narnia. Wayne has moved on Birdman. Maybe it’s time you did the same. I mean….you’ve already stolen enough of the man’s money and his youth. Let him live and accumulate a retirement for himself. #LetHimLive

 Qmunity you know I hate talking about Stoop Mess without taking something positive away from it. What can we take from this? Perhaps don’t go around kissing every man who tells you call him daddy cause when “Mad Day” comes…….

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