I’ve been a blog groupie since AOL days back on Clark Atlanta University‘s campus years ago. I was following blogs back when they were a little more personal, and the gossip {although still messy} was more wit and tongue and cheek than all out destruction of people’s lives. {Except for Wendy Williams of course}. Necole Bitchie came out in that crop and propelled herself from her aunt’s couch to the inner circles of black entertainment.

Necole Bitchie was one of the first black women to really turn blogging into a distinctive personality. NecoleBitchie.com was one of the top urban gossip sites for over 8 years starting in 2007. She sold the site last year and started a new website called www.XOnecole.com focused on positive content as she discusses above.

In the above video Necole chronicles her struggles with selling a widely successful brand and starting all over from scratch. I’m usually not into all this positive affirmation type stuff or good at being a “shoulder to cry on”, but I found Necole’s testimony refreshing and organic.

It’s hard admitting you’re broke. Especially already embroiled in the industry, but Necole took the bull by the horns and is now turning it into a whole new journey. I think more of us should be like this. Perhaps with a smoother and better thought out transition, but she has that look in here eye like she doesn’t even know what’s going to happen next {Or how that Verizon bill is going to get paid…..I joke. I joke. I kid with you}.

I often talk of how stale Qulture is right now, and maybe more of us need to jump out of our comfort zones and get started with the next adventure. Even though a big part of me feels like Necole was very naive in thinking “positive content” is as popular as the kids pretend it is. Numbers and shares don’t lie.

There was a lot to take from this. I’m rooting for Necole, and she’s inspired me to start taking some risks on myself this upcoming season! I won’t be quitting any day jobs or anything, but on one of my days off I might really step out there! Dare to Dream! XO

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