The Black Mess community was ROCKED over the last two days by the toxic beef that popped off in Atlanta between veteran Blogger ATLien and her friend and protegé blogger Funky Dineva.

I was so disappointed by what I saw and read in their blogs and vlogs that I hesitate writing this because these kids are vicious and play no games, but I write because I feel we see this type of FAILURE so often in OUR community and it’s the reason that we aren’t further along than. There’s a couple things at play, but first a rundown.

@Atlien AKA Michelle Brown of “Straight from the A” posted this video to her periscope in regards to a situation where she was renting a townhouse to blogger “Funky Dineva” AKA Quentin Latham, and had to evict him due to non-payment of rent.  She uploaded this video to periscope {she claims} as an emotional reaction to being so hurt and since videos stay on Periscope servers for 24 hours thought it would be a great way to vent. Never imaging it could be downloaded and uploaded to youtube.

{Because of course one of the oldest bloggers in the game isn’t aware of social media platform capabilities}

I remember when I saw this video and the accompanying videos where’s she’s pretending to cry and come to God while a school of fish cheer her on and give her the pity and attention all of this is obviously intended to receive.

She gives testimonials and prostrations before Gawd detailing Quentin’s drug use and irresponsibility while highlighting her charitable heart that’s forever taken advantage of no matter how much love she pours into the world. And that making this video was just a pure-hearted plea to the universe for karmic justice.

It’s easy to see this video for what it was. A malicious attack by someone being coached and influenced by petty friends. No matter how you slice it 2 months rent isn’t worth destroying someone’s reputation over a couple weeks after their mom dies. A point you seem to gloss over with “I know you going through stuff” {But don’t you see these bundles getting old?}

Quentin responds: 

As well as a detailed listing of receipts that make his story a whole lot more convincing than her’s.

So after the receipts have been laid out and the shyt thrown at each other I just think it’s important to say this. The bad friend here is Michelle Brown, but all you have to do is be a woman, cry a little, exploit good deeds you did with an insincere heart and women will rally behind you and pretend that every argument they ever had with a friend is the same situation. Then they all jump onto the “take my kindness for weakness” bandwagon to deny any responsibility or accountability for the things that happen to them. 

Everyone wants to pretend like they’re a perfect person living a put upon life but Quentin’s story is a lot more real. People go through shyt. he owned up to it. Showed he had a plan. Showed where he showed her that plan and she accepted it. It’s always good with Fish {snickers} until the other girls get into their ear. You couldn’t imagine how much bad advice we all give each other and how rarely we encourage each other to resolve conflict with maturity and ethics. 

How can you call yourself a good friend or a good person if you’re evicting that friend a month after their mother died, they paid for the funeral, and they have proof that they are paying you and have funds in route? I definitely understand the financial responsibilities here, but at the same time if it weren’t him it would have been another tenant. Would you be blasting every bad tenant on social media now? {Don’t rent from her. Your bad months will be all over social media. And we ALL have them} 

I heard her out and I didn’t see anything worth crying on video for or getting exploiting publicly. If a tenant being two months behind on rent is killing you then get out of the real estate game. You aren’t built for it.

This isn’t what blogging is intended for. Advance Qulture. Report on Qulture. Stop using your friends and connections as fodder for traffic.

What point is it fighting and exposing racism everyday when it’s other black people destroying reputations and holding each other back over petty shyt. This was a disgrace to watch, but if there is anything to take from this we need to stop immediately thinking everyone posting a video while crying is the victim. So many disturbed and unhappy people are using social media as a medium to paint away their imperfections to the public. But in an attempt to make someone else look really bad you can sometimes be seen as the villain you are. Good luck everyone. There are thieves in the temple who will do you more damage than the enemy at the gate.

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Vitamin Q (VQ) is a writer, blogger personality, and a social commentator. He irreverently analyzes how social issues affect individuals in modern society by using sarcasm, humor, and intellect, creating his own unique blend of Southern SHADE, purely for the purpose of helping like minds cope. “I say it so you don’t have to!”
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