Ummmmmm this is awkward.  Nene Leakes is just now discovering that her hit show is negative and sad, and I can forgive many things, but lateness like this will not be excused.  Those were the words she took to her personal blog to say about the reunion that was so mess and petty that it had to be divided into three parts.  Part 3 that aired Sunday blessed fans with an old fashion, back-o-town verbal dragging and thrashing of Kenya Moore by Phaedra Parks.

You have to read these words Nene took to her personal blog to say about the end to a long, dramatic season.

Season six ended just the way many wanted… with foolery and the negativity of women sitting on the same couch belittling each other! Many find it entertaining but I found it negative and sad at times!

Yes I am a part of this circle and I take full responsibility for my actions! Did I just say that? LOL! Before you start rolling your eyes and poppin your gums, no one is perfect! When the season started I had just married my love, Gregg, and come off an amazing high right into a bunch of drama! It was a downer for me to say the least! I found myself working with women who lie, try to steal husbands, friends, buy boyfriends and cry with lawn mower voices! Wow what people will do for 2 dollars and 50 cents! All this became so draining to me!

Look I am definitely a straight shooter with no chaser! I give it to you direct! No harm intended and I don’t apologize just for the sake of it! If I believe in something strongly I don’t see the need to! I tend to say what many are thinking and I just don’t practice lying! I am all about a good shade-throwing moment, but throwing fists as grown women is crazy to me!

Although I found this season to be draining, I actually learned a lot! I learned that TV friendships are just made for TV so thank God I have real friends! I learned that snakes are no longer in the grass, they are on TV and in designer clothing! I learned that no matter how successful I become, I will always have critics amongst this group of women! Lastly, I learned that what don’t kill ya will definitely make you stronger! Oh and I didn’t know that the gays own the word Queen now! Interesting Ummhmmmm!

Nene girl you take the cake. I love this imaginary world you live in where you’re a from-the-manor-born white woman whose above this petty chitlin circuit entertainment. Not only do I agree with you that the show was petty, sad, negative, and bitter; but let’s take it a step further and state the obvious.  That’s why YOU’RE the star of it!

What’s so ironic about this entire passive aggressive diatribe is the fact that if you didn’t know Nene wrote it, you would think it’s about her. I love the part where she does that same thing that all ratchets do when they’re talking about their enemy whose just like them.  She says “no one is perfect” meaning “I know I do all of the same shyt that I’m complaining about a lot more than the main people I don’t like, but we’re talking about them right now and not me.  I’m giving you this “Nobody’s perfect” so we can acknowledge that this rant is completely hypocritical and still go in good conscious. lol

Nene is so basic, but you have to love her because she believes her own bullshyt.  She actually believes she’s still the lovable one who everyone relates to.  Poor thing doesn’t realize she’s so far removed away from the Nene we all loved in Season 1 that she’s barely even recognizeable.  In fact, the only reason anyone liked Nene is because she was the broke, busted underdog who Sheree wouldn’t let attend her party.  Once she became the entitled bully we see on every other reality show her appeal dwindled and now we watch her purely for entertaining coon value.  

The only reason I’m even bringing this up is because I see lots of Nenes on my timeline.  Women and men who throw shade at others doing exactly what they do while sitting on some imaginary pedestal of innocence. If Nene finds the show sad and negative it would do her and the audience some good to evaluate all that she’s done to make it so. I feel like an honest, introspective Nene could change the public’s perception of her. She’s the only one who doesn’t see how unlikable she’s become and that Kenya Moore has actually been a good distraction from her intolerable white woman charade.

  \She’s constantly saying things like “I tell it how it is”, “I say what everyone is thinking but scared to say”, and “I keep it real”, but it’s easy to “Keep it real” judging other people.  How often is Nene real when it comes to herself. No matter what negative thing she has to say about any member of the cast, from this view they all just look like a set of pots!

P.S. Let’s just address Nene trying to be real cute and subliminal with the gays. Nene the gays don’t own the word “Queen” but if you’re going to sit there and pretend that you and your girls haven’t stolen gay lingo to sound hip and sassy and I’m going to call bullshyt on you.  Everyone of y’all has dragged a gay best friend onto the show (Yours was Marlo) and now you want people to pretend like all your catchphrases don’t come from some orphan sissy who does your hair?  Just Stop! 

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Vitamin Q (VQ) is a writer, blogger personality, and a social commentator. He irreverently analyzes how social issues affect individuals in modern society by using sarcasm, humor, and intellect, creating his own unique blend of Southern SHADE, purely for the purpose of helping like minds cope. “I say it so you don’t have to!”
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