Oh it’s getting messy. Birdman is not letting go of his prize piece Lil Wayne easily. On top of being named in the attempted murder of Lil Wayne yesterday, Birdman is now going after Lil Wayne’s new daddy JayZ. he’s suing Tidal for streaming Lil Wayne’s album.

TMZ Reports (I hate sharing TMZ mess, but I can’t sit around wasting original thought over butch queen dramas):

Birdman is going after Jay Z in court, claiming Jay is a failure at music streaming and is illegally using Lil Wayne to save his business.

Birdman’s company, Cash Money, is suing Tidal for streaming songs from Lil Wayne’s album ‘FWA’ … suing for $50 MILLION. Cash Money claims it has exclusive rights to Wayne’s music and Tidal is an illegal intermeddler.  

The lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, gets nasty, with Cash Money claiming Jay Z’s fledgling company is now resorting to “a desperate and illegal attempt to save their struggling streaming service.”

According to the lawsuit, Tidal has claimed Cash Money does not have a exclusive lock on Wayne … Tidal claims Wayne specifically gave it the right to stream his music, in return for part ownership in the company.

Cash Money begs to differ, and the company quotes portions of its contract with Lil Wayne in the lawsuit. The contract specifically says Wayne does not have the power to license his music to anyone else.

And get this … Cash Money trashes Wayne’s ‘FWA’ album, saying it got “tepid reviews” and could hurt Cash Money’s attempts to exploit Wayne’s music.

The name stays bish….you can leave, but that’s my daddy’s name!

Qmunity if we’re going to take anything out of this I want it to show us all the type of “black business” that’s going to have to stop going forward. I’m not sure what Birdman’s end game is here. Is he really so demonic that he wants Wayne making hits for him forever barely accumulating his own wealth? Album after album with no ownership of his own art being paid pennies? So now black men want other black men as slaves?

This vulgar display of greed, gluttony, and excess is a lot to take.  Please keep in mind that these people are some black child’s hero. Forget all the politically correct “A parent should be the first role model” talk. THESE people influence urban black youth. I want you to write that down and read it the next time you wonder what’s wrong with the kids.

Be careful who you get into business with Qidz. Today’s angel is tomorrow’s demon.

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