Harrah’s Casino here in New Orleans is right at the foot of Canal St. downtown.  I actually hate going there because all the dinging makes me feel like I’m going insane.  I can mildly tolerate it after a couple crown and 7’s, but even then it makes me feel like I’m in some weird Chuck E. Cheese mushroom trip! Nonetheless, it’s what everyone here likes to do. It’s also where a lot of locals work. Apparently, they aren’t reinforcing enough in their training seminars that the casino also has arguably the best security system in the city. It’s security system was even featured on an episode of C.S.I.  Someone should have told my girl Breana that before she started inviting all the neighborhood trade to the tables for a come up.

From Nola.com~

State Police obtained an arrest warrant for a former Harrah’s New Orleans Casino blackjack dealer accused of scamming the house out of more than $32,000. From her place behind the tables, Breana Lewis, 24, of New Orleans, enriched friends by awarding bets on losing hands, said Trooper Melissa Matey, spokesman for the State Police.

Investigators identified four accomplices and obtained warrants for them, as well. The accused gamblers are Annette Davis, 43, of Gretna, Clifford Earl Carter, 31, of New Orleans, and Jeffery Sheridan Jr., 25, of Angie, La., Matey said.


The State Police Gaming Enforcement Division opened an investigation in May after representatives from Harrah’s Casino Surveillance contacted the department about their duplicitous dealer.

Investigators noted that on at least two occasions, Lewis was seen awarding money on losing bets to four patrons who appeared to know her, according to Matey. The not-quite-winning bets cost the casino a total of $32,022.

Once arrested, Lewis and the four accomplices will be booked with two counts of conspiracy to commit cheating and swindling and two counts of cheating and swindling, Matey said.

This is so sad girl. This is so sad and petty of you to throw your life away over some foolishness like this. I think what bothers me the most is that all the people who she cheated for were men.  I’m thinking she must just be neighborhood #Fish who you can talk into anything. One whose easily influenced by men into dumb shyt. She’s so young and all the other men are so much older than her.  Poor thing never stood a chance once they started pretending to give her all the attention she was lacking.  Men like this prey on young girls for their naivete.  Maybe this was how she attracted men to her.  “Come down to my job and I’ll fatten ya pockets, then you can swing by house when I get off.”  I really hope this wasn’t no dumb shyt like that, but it makes a lot of sense.  I couldn’t imagine risking my freedom…well….for anyone, but I damn sure wouldn’t do it for these sitting on milk crates on the neutral ground (it’s a New Orleans thing) negros she did it for. I hope they had fun with that lil change because Harrah’s is going to damn sure get their pounds of flesh for it. Moral of the story is to not let people who don’t care about you

Qtips have your friends ever tried to get you to steal from work?  Were you this stupid?

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