Long term Qmunity members know that I believe that Pop Qulture is full of modern Qautionary tales. Currently, Ciara’s is a great study into the the failure of the casual breeding phenomena that’s become “The New Norm.”

In the video above Ciara speaks candidly about the friction between her and her son’s father, rapper Future, regarding his feelings about her new boyfriend, Russell Wilson, being so close to their son. Future recently did an interview on The Breakfast club where he spoke openly about his feelings regarding the pictures of his son on the sidelines at Football practice with Russell.

“If I was a kid, and my momma had some dude pushing me, I would’ve jumped out the stroller and slapped the shit out of him. You never do that in our community…you’ve only known this dude for a few months and bring him around your son, who does that?!”

Apparently he didn’t remember that HE does that which Ciara politely reminded him of in the beginning. 

I can understand Ciara’s frustration with the double standard. When guys bring women around they’re newborns {Does anyone find it weird that men are dating and courting other women when they have newborns? I mean it’s not even out of the ordinary anymore.Anyway}, but when women do it their being bad mothers. Truthfully, I think it can be very irresponsible on both sides. But to be fair, I’ve seen guys do it much more casually. In fact, I’ve seen most guys use baby sitting as “courting” and “dates” with potential baby mamas, so it does seem odd that these same guys are so vocal when they see a woman do it. 

Ciara isn’t blameless in this though. She might be cleaning up her image with Russell Wilson, but last year she was baby mama #5. Her team had to think of something so being a born again was probably about their last hand to play.

In closing, all this crap just illustrates what I’m always saying about casual breeding. On Ciara’s end she’s trying to be the storybook princess with the Happy Ending, but you still have baggage with a frog. On Future’s end he thought Ciara would be his prize baby mama not realizing that she’s still good enough to get someone that can see her potential. And Russell is just wants to play football. But Ciara is right. The child is always the most important factor. Not egos and jealousies. The Child. The problem with these dramas involving blended families is that for as mature as they go into it pretending to be…it usually breaks down into immature pissing contests.  

Future leave the man alone! She could have went back to 50 Cent!

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