For many years the black community has been waiting for Azealia Banks  to get her mental together and finally live up to her early potential but she continues to get worse, and there’s no off button when she’s deep in her social media feelings and no one to reign her in.  I personally feel no obligation to support an artist who seems to hate every part of her identity and one that Drags black women  every chance she gets. I find it appalling that she uses her experiences as an excuse for her abhorrent behavior. What you say or write is nothing compared to what you stand for. Her tweets spoke volumes about what lies underneath her image and it’s ugly. 

This most recent outburst came when Azealia tweeted that One Directions, Zayan Malik copied  her  ” Young Rapnunxel” video.


Zayan responded with a response that made Azealia feel some type of way. I think his comments immediately hit her own feelings of self-worth and her own inner worthiness. It feels to me like she has a deep inferiority complex towards whites, even though she comes across as this super tough  “Black Nationalist”. She immediately went into a tirade after Zayan’s reply calling him all types of racial slurs. She felt he was talking to her in a derogatory manner, and one that I know for a fact that she wouldn’t tolerate, but check out the exchange here. Look at How she goes from complementing him to being quickly rejected as not good enough. She hits the roof.  

Zayan response

Azealia clapback on Zayan

Azealia clapback2I’d suggest growing some thickened skin on your feet because the industry you’re in that doesn’t find dark skinned women attractive. It’s horrible in this day and age but that is a fact and you know it. Everyone knows it. Look at Music, Film, and TV. So stop wanting that acceptance if you don’t fully and completely love yourself. You will always run into people who will make you feel how you feel about yourself, just like a mirror reflecting back. You have to love yourself in this business or you will be ate up by the wolves and destroyed. You must find a way to love yourself in spite of hearing comments which you may interpret as talking down to you or not giving you credit for that which you believe you deserve.  

I’m personally having a hard time figuring out if Azealia is really deeply ” Black Nationalist” like she writes and speaks or if she is just the Ultimate Female Hotep, because she drags us at the same time, defends us. It’s confusing and tiresome. 

Azealia Banks Not Blacknationalist

I feel like Everything thats happened to her has happened because of her own actions. She loves the attention. She consistently blames white supremacy when it’s time for her to just really take responsibility for her own actions and where they’ve gotten her. 

Her response to Twitter suspending her acct:

“REALIZE that I insulted Indians , Pakistani, black folk… And my Twitter didn’t get suspended until”  


How about you  stop insulting FOLKS. How about you get get a #1 record. How about you impress your fav artist so much a collaboration manifests. Don’t ruin it all while you’re still young and building your career or at least trying to build a career. 

Azealia Loves to blame White Supremacy as the reason for anything adverse happening to her. Yet she only dates white guys. A fan came to Azealia’s Instagram account and asked why she is only seen with “old white dudes with money,” and the singer had a very detailed explanation for them.

azealia hates black men

“Because black men take black women for granted and I’m too busy with music to be fighting for my rights at home,” Azealia  responded. “I already have to fight for respect with the black men in hip-hop so when I get home I like things to be nice and easy. Make sense?”

Does this make sense to you black men?

Azealia is only  is 23 years old. She has not even  remotely encountered half of the black men in this world. To throw them all all away to the trash to run straight to the white man is confusing to me. I’m always left wondering if she’s being  fetishized and  disrespected in these relationships with white men that she says don’t take her for granted. Who is really getting the short end of the stick in these hook-ups with white men that she says don’t take her for granted?

It also hasn’t escaped me that Azealia a few weeks back endorsed ” Donald Trump”, A Ignorant, Racist, Nazi Lover who worships Adolf Hitler, and who can’t answer any tough policy questions, and who has no answers to plans for the future, yet she finds him the only viable option? Are we really suppose to take her seriously now? I tried and I’m just unable to go any further with support or attempting to make excuses for her behavior or thought patterns such as this one that endorses Donald Trump. 

Azealia Trump Endorsement1

Azealia Trump Endorsement2While deep into her rant with Zayan Makik  & by this Time Disney’s, Skai Jackson, she had pissed off Indian comedian, Jasmeet 


Curry1” Jus Reign”  and he took the opportunity to drag her for every racial tweet she tweeted. Indian women begin tweeting pictures of themselves with the hashtag #CurryScentedBitch to counter Azealia’s use of the term. Check out my favorites :




By  this Time Azeaila Twitter account was   suspended by Twitter due to Thousands of people reporting her as ” SPAM”. The preferred Twitter method. That is why her account is suspended and not Donald Trump or any of the other vile people people. Twitter has some of the worst people on the face of the earth tweeting the most vilest things, just like Azealia. They can ride under the radar because thousands of people aren’t reporting them as Spam. So let’s be real about why the account was suspended. Azealia has been out of line for years. Exhibiting the same behavior over and over again.  Even Bette Midler chimed in. All of us that “Tweet” know what get’s folks banned. Twitter didn’t make a arbitrary decision to just ban her. Look at all she insulted, think again if you think thousands of people didn’t report her. If Thousands reported Donald Trumps tweets in the numbers that people reported Azealia, his account would get suspended to.


Her Twitter suspension was longtime coming. At some point responsibility should’ve come into play. After Azeaila’s  initial Twitter  account was suspended she attempted to create another page and that was suspended as well. She then gave up and took to ” Periscope” looking crazy as ever while she continued her rant that now included Asians. 

Azealia PeriscopeShe took to Instagram to alert us to continued complaints and ranting. 


Oh and the rant to black media back in 2015, many may have forgotten it or may have never heard it. I didn’t forget it and you shouldn’t either, especially when considering whether to give her any publicity. This was her tweet,  her main support comes from ” Black Media” . She Clearly doesn’t respect that  black media gives her relevancy and has her back when she’s in the corner with her mentally unstable behavior. No more. I’m not defending anyone that’s unwilling to look at their behaviors and make changes, even if it’s small. For instance, cutting back the time you spend arguing with folks, taking off 2 days a week to do other things outside social media. Maybe implement some of those ideas you so eloquently speak on. 

 I beg black media publications to stop covering Azealia Banks. You have done the MOST to damage my brand.


Absolutely Hun!!!!! you got your wish. Just so you know audience would rather listen to Drake, Dej Loaf and Nicki Minaj, One Direction, Zayan Malik. Taylor Swift, You’re twitter famous for trashing people not for your music. Change your methods to creating buzz for your projects and gaining mainstream publicity. 

skaiclapbackThis has always been about Azealia wanting to stay relevant by shitting on other people’s success – and all race issues aside, that can NOT be tolerated any longer. The Kids today are so impressionable. Technology has made it where they are heavily on social media almost 24/7, and they see how much hype and attention they can get by dragging folks on social media in a bullying manner, and that’s where all the time and energy is going. The discussion of being a black woman in White America is so important and needs to be spoken about, but she’s not the person I want discussing it for me. A lot of people are going to read her arguments and just say “Crazy black girl with the mental illness” just like Lauryn Hill. She won’t be taken seriously and neither with those who have valid, well-articulated points. She’s very intelligent and There is a great deal of truth in what she’s saying however her message is being lost in her belligerent delivery. Trust me, It’s not lost upon me the agenda to attack black women that don’t hold their tongue when it comes to the corruption of the media and entertainment industry. 

AZMENTalBut It’s also comical how she wants to play the race card in reference to her own actions against Pharrell Williams, Beyoncé, Erykah Badu, and others and now racial slurs towards Zayn Malik. Azealia seems extremely angry and deeply sensitive while craving the attention fame brings even if it’s detrimental to her own well-being. I refuse to go on these social media merry-go-round controversies with Azealia anymore. Sure She apologized  AGAIN, but haven’t we seen this before? It’s become Tiresome defending it if it’s just going to be repeated once everyone has forgotten and chatter moved on to its next trending topic. 

Erykah Badu

erykah badu2If you want to read her The two-part essay ” Whiteness is a Mental disease” it can be found in her Instagram posts here and here.   Part 2 seems more defensive than apologetic. Azeila’s Twitter account remains suspended as it should, I believe indefinitely. 


Stagedoor FM Released a statement that they were removing everything related to her brand off its sites. Here’s the Statement.


This Apology was completely  useless.

Azealia Apology

If you want to make money in this business and have the career that affords you the rich girl life you want to live. Don’t piss of the entire industry before you’ve made your mark. and more importantly have some respect for your fans, as well as the women who are out here defending you with wonderfully written think pieces you’re bragging about on your Instagram page. Think of some positive ways to promote yourself that don’t  involve you completely trashing your own career while dragging your own community down with you. Go heal your Inner Child. Tell her your love her. I’ll be rooting for you from afar.

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