Sometimes putting on a front can reveal just what you were trying to hide. This clip circulating on Instagram of Beyonce and JayZ courtside at a the Nets vs. Heat game at the Barclays Center in New York on Monday the same day the elevator scandal dropped on us like a bomb.


Now Beyonce’s gaze at Lebron is innocent enough, but in the split seconds that followed we see that Hip Hop’s first couple have the same relationship struggles as the rest of us. When JayZ realizes that the gaze between Lebron and Beyonce is lasting just a little too long, you can see his brain figuring out a nonchalant way to look over to see if the Queen Bey is just as connected as Lebron was. Not missing a beat, Beyonce turns her head as not to start no shyt. That look away told a thousand tales!

Haven’t we all been here? I love awkward moments.

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