If you follow The Breakfast Club’s morning show and Instagram you’ll know that there is a rift between the trio of hosts following an interview Charlemagne The God had with rapper Gucci Mane. Namely Angela Yee and Chalamagne The God.

Back in 2009 Gucci was on the show. Angela Yee was saying some provocative things about the depth of her womanhood and Gucci took it as flirtation. He also feels like since he did not reciprocate those feelings he was banned from TBC. A claim all three hosts deny. The mess was only brought up recently because earlier in October, during a segment called “Club Court,” Envy and Yee addressed the blackball speculations. Lightheartedly, Yee clarified that Gucci was never banned from The Breakfast Club.

There’s a great write up of the details HERE

After it was brought up again, Gucci reached out to the only person in the trio he apparently doesn’t dislike. Charlemagne The God.

Things got….distasteful to say the least. The “reformed” rapper sounded more like the old disrespectful Gucci in and out of dysfunctional situations than the “woke” rap savior everyone praised for going on a diet.

At one point Gucci refers to Yee as, “that punk-ass bitch,” then adds, “And DJ Envy, he’s a pussy, too. Envy is pussy, pussy. He’s scared.”

But I rehashed all that old mess because it just keeps getting messier.

Since the interview Angela has unfollowed Charlemagne on social media sites and CTG liked comments on Twitter stating that “perhaps Charlamagne and Angela aren’t friends. Only co-workers.

Now Angela has already addressed Gucci “Google how he looked in 2009” {Which i gotta say I completely agree with. It’s like he’s starting to believe his own bullshyt}, but she recently broke her silence on how she feels about Charlemagne.

She appeared on the saywhatsinlive radio show and expressed how she truly felt about CTG.

“I just think that in general if you work with somebody and someone’s saying things like negative things — nasty things you can’t even say on the radio — you can’t just sit there and laugh and [let] something like that happen. I have never called anybody out of their name. I think that’s the real issue.”


On those points I do agree. Like the things Gucci said were actually extremely hostile and disgusting. He’s trying to act like this wrong or injured party because their platform hasn’t kissed his ass like others.

{Now I know that there are those who feel Angela opened this can of worms, but I feel there’s a difference between provocative convo and lewdness. But urbanites don’t know where the fine line is so I’ll just leave that there.}

But the reason for this entire blog detailing this melodrama is this…..Angela Yee has an advice column where she asks women how to handle situations similar to this and I’ve seen her give out way better advice than she’s following herself.

I feel like instead of running to another platform why not talk to YOUR coworker on YOUR platform. Unless the station heads told them not to address the mess or something. Either way there seems to be some major discourse between the trio, and if it’s real I blame Charlamagne. Not a co-worker, neighbor, or the girl I give a dollar to for blunts to at the corner store would be able to laugh and giggle in my face after laughing in someone’s face who said those things about me. Do the interview, but you can still remain objective. And if you can’t because you hate your co-worker and secretly are in total agreement with the mess…well then the hate is understood and there’s no need to fake it.

But she needs to have these conversations with her co-worker, and not with other radio stations. It seems to me that going on this press tour is to get women on her side {they love a good me too cause for clicks}. Why not handle the situation in the manner that he advises those who come to her for advice. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I agree with Angela, But I still feel that the way she’s dealing with the aftermath seems more messy than diplomatic. But with such a hothead like Charlamagne I can’t judge her too harshly either.

What do you think? Do Influencers give out a bunch of advice that sounds good for clicks that they never plan on following themselves?

How do you handle co-workers you hate?

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