It’s been 16 years since Amerie suggested we fall in love and 13 years since she offered us just 1 thing, but the songbird is back with a surprise independent album I am presently streaming as I write this.

After starting the century with 2 albums that made the billboard 200 list the artist abruptly left the business. Many of her fans knew there was a lot more inside the artist so hearing that she’s been writing and singing is amazing news.

I experienced pushback because I’m a female who knows herself and doesn’t have problems speaking up.

…was how she explained her 2010 separation from Def Jam. But she seems to be in a completely different creative space now.

I love my projects to be very sonically cohesive,” she said. “As I was recording, I wasn’t trying to limit myself in any way, I was feeling very, very creative — I had just came off of writing a new story and I wanted to go full-out into the recording process. I didn’t want the album to be a smorgasbord of sound, it needs to have a vibe and that’s why there’s two projects.

The projects are 4am Mulholland and After 4am. I’ve given a listen and I really like the vibe of the albums. I feel like it’s a solid, strong return to the landscape and the fact that she did it independently makes this pleasant Fall surprise a tasty treat.

Read the rest of her billboard album Here:

Listen here:

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