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I really hope I don’t catch any hate for this because this is no shade against Amani, who decided that parading around in LA with no clothes on was the thing to do to raise awareness for big girl self love in the city, but I’m not sure she sully thought this out..  She said she’s trying to address how superficial LA is, how all the women are slim, and it makes her feel insecure that she doesn’t get as much play as them.  I can feel her.  Everyone wants to be loved and should be loved.  It’s how we go about expressing that need for love and where we search for it that we should keep in mind.

I get the message.  Big girls are beautiful too.  I agree. I know alot of men who prefer big women.  I live in the south. I suppose the only thing that’s making me doubt the sincerity of this is if you’re so confident about your natural looks and body then why couldn’t you take off the wig? You just don’t look confident to me with weave and full makeup on.  If you’re going to self natural beauty and self love shouldn’t it be without artificial enhancements? 

Personally this just comes off like some chic wanting to show off her body and get some attention for the day.  It doesn’t come off like a display of confidence or empowerment TO ME.  Now if it helped someone else I apologize for sounding like an asshole. I just feel like some big girl walking down the street naked with a wig on isn’t exactly a step toward self love and acceptance.  More like a woman who wants people to tell her that she’s sexier than she actually is, and not afraid to stoop to whatever she has to do to get it. Notice  you didn’t hear any fat-bashing or body shaming in this post.  My shade has nothing to do with her weight.  I think she’s on the road to a good message but if we’re going to be bashing Hollywood’s preoccupation with Western looks then shouldn’t you be willing to let go of all those western looks?

Am I an asshole or does this come off insecure?

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