I am usually NOT a comment creeper, but I found this particular situation absolutely hilarious. Yesterday a current pic of AL B Sure surfaced showing the singer with a more mature look. My friend Toni McEachin of Duchess Cosmetics shared it with this comment.

It was mild dig, but she’s not a Insta-Blogger or anything so it’s all fun and shade right? Wrong. Uncle AL was scrolling his feeds with a little time and thought he’d let her know how he felt.

Oh AL…it didn’t have to be this way. We understand if your feelings were hurt. We get it. But couldn’t you see the humor in it for just a second?

Apparently not. They tried to end things on a  positive note….

But AL had a little more time….

if AL reads this I want him to know we get it. I get it at least. You’ve been through some setbacks the last couple of years personally. I’ve kept up with some of them and read through the lines on many as well. I think you recieve a raw deal regarding things a man hold’s dear.

But never doubt that we love you and support you and if you’re now the older guy that’s not as hot as you were 20-30 years ago don’t take it as a slight. It’s just our way of remembering you and keeping your legacy alive. You’re Uncle AL now, but no one can ever challenge your pretty boy status! We like seeing you age naturally!



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