We not finna do this!

I’m not sure if Young Thug got to feeling all European and free when visiting a French radio station recently, but he stepped out of his comfort zone and did something he rarely does….Freestyle. Which happens to also be something he should never try and do again.

It was straight TRASH, but I suppose that’s his brand so in his mind he killed it. I’ve come to expect these hijinks from The Dirty One, but I’m so disappointed in whoever that was in the background bopping their head as if this was Dat GANGSTA! I mean….for a second he had me about to give it a chance, but my spirit guide slapped the shyt out of me and showed me all of satan’s adversaries.

Satanic Handshake?

The occultism of it all!


I have a theory on Young Thug. I have a sneaky suspicion this all goes back to Baby’s psychopathic obsession with Lil Wayne. Remember the scene in DreamGirls when Curtis told Deena he made her lead because her voice had no personality and he could make it into whatever he wanted in the editing stage? I think Baby literally just uses Young Thug to FuQ with Lil Wayne. I know it sounds Petty, but we’re talking about a man that calls himself Baby, but makes boys call him Daddy.

End SideNote~

Complex tried was more diplomatic than I:

It’s not Thug’s greatest moment, but in his defense, Thug isn’t really an artist who you would expect to drop a fire freestyle off the top of his head. It almost seemed like Thug was trying to make a full song on the spot, which is nothing new from how he records anyway. If this doesn’t satisfy your needs for some fire material from Thugga, then just play his new “Hercules” track with Metro Boomin on repeat. 

nope (1)

Here’s what I thought of your suggestion!

Can anyone offer me understanding why there even is a Young Thug?

I know this sounds superficial, but I swear this is becoming a real problem!


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