I’ve spoken on this issues before and I’ll continue speaking on it till these attention whoring child abusers stop dragging the public into their horrible ass parenting. In the case of Aaliyah Hines who got bored one day and decided that her weaves and cleavage weren’t enough to sustain her audience’s attention and chose to capitalize on the obvious neglect she and her husband show his son we have to endure her giving him the “old man” haircut. The latest viral craze that has parents pretending they give a damn about what their kids are doing in between the constant drama they can contrive for social media likes.

When I asked you to spend more time with your kids THIS is not what I meant!

Let’s start here. There are very few cases that I think the step parent should ever be stepping up to discipline a child. And by very few I mean none. The father is no where around. We get no context of how a child could bring home straight F’s and not be notified by a teacher beforehand that things were getting out of control. Were the parents studying with the boy all semester and he just has a learning disability?

Is his mother dead?

Is his father dead?

Have either parent been consulted before this form of punishment took place?

Has this stepmother been an involved participant in this boy’s education?

Has there been a conversation with teachers and school administrators?

This are the things that I need to know before some smug THOT gets her ass on the camera and decides to publicly humiliate a failing boy? Let’s call this BULLSHYT what it is. ATTENTION SEEKING. To our detriment, we have a surplus of people on social media who aren’t very interesting, so they look for ways to become interesting and gain buzz. And these are the people we see contriving a reason to do something like this to their child. But then..it isn’t her child is it? And she doesn’t look like she gives a damn of a fuQ about the well-being of this young man. This is just some THOT who thought this would be a cute, sassy way to show off her new weave and waistline.

aaliyah hines

It’s time for us to stop acting like we don’t know how petty these attention seeking floozies are. Stop pretending that just because she SAYS she cares and they are so frustrated that perhaps she might not be sincere. Have we sunk so low for a fuQQing like that we’ll offer up our children as blood sacrifice? Yet these are the same parents that will post stuff like “People always in ya bizness” or “I make moves in silence.”

There is no way in hell anyone thinks this is acceptable form or discipline. I understand that you’re trying to be “cheeky” because we don’t wanna see you beating your children like animals like when you all thought that was cute. It’s amazing you can’t go on any of these people’s walls and see any “positive parenting.” Actually all we see are trips, turn-ups, multiple sex partners, dramas, breakups, reconciliations, and bible quotes about being stronger. But isnt that the struggle parenting way now? We send em to school and expect them to come home perfect and raise themselves, so if they fail then they aren’t doing something right. And if they don’t live up to that perfection (Which is not being shown to them anywhere I might add) then they get beat and embarrassed for the public recorded in cyberstreets for all of time. That’s the legacy you want to come up when someone google’s your son’s name? What this looks like to me is what anyone with eyes would see. This evil succumbs has driven a wedge between the son and his father and he can’t cope on his own, so he’s acting out. And she swooped in like a witch to make sure everyone saw her victory. We see you evil StepThot #ThirdEyeBlogging #EndRant

Qmunity I leave it to you…Is there real concern here or a play for attention?


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