She sang my life with her words. ( A Live  Review from VQ Blogger Olga Monique)


Friday, I had the pleasure and privilege to witness my all-time favorite female vocalist perform.  Yesssss, Qmunity. Mizz Lauryn Hill and she sang my life with her words.  I’ve heard mixed reviews but NOBODY bet not say she didn’t SANNNNNG!  In recent years, Mizz Hill has been criticized for her vocal skills being sub-par.  This was not the case at Jazz fest 2016! She sounded like the Lauryn from Sister Act…… If you hear otherwise; they lyin’ and I have receipts to pull if needed.


The outfit


LBoogie Jazz Fest2First, let’s get into the “get up”.  At first glance, I immediately got big top, ringmaster tease.  She donned a black and white striped 2 piece skirt suit with very heavy layered fabric and a wool-looking bright red blazer.  The whole time I was thinking, Lordttt please don’t let her faint in the mugginess that is New Orleans weather and why oh why would she wear a hot ass coat???  On top of that, she had nerve to wear a funeral hat with the lacey cover over her eyes to boot. Any other time, this whole outfit would’ve been fine, but not for an outdoor festival in the Spring Lauryn baby.  If she has a stylist, he/she should be fired but something tells me Lauryn is doing this to herself. She seemed to be quite uncomfortable in her clothes.  She kept rearranging, pulling and twisting which made me uncomfortable too.  About half way thru, she said F this blazer and this hot ass hat, to unveil a black lace bodysuit with a high collar.  (The kind we wore in the 90’s with the snaps twinxed the legs) She went from circus person to dainty porcelain doll.  Now she just looked itchy.


The beat

LBoogie Jazz Fest6

Lately, Lauryn’s make-up looks leave me questioning her sanity.  Yesterday was no different, EXCEPT FOR; the luscious purple glittery eye shadow that I can only assume was an ode to his majesty THE beautiful purple one (she did not do a tribute song to him….BOOOO.  I was disappointed) Now, what makes me contemplate her mental wellness is that God-awful “rouge” she applies to her whole entire cheeks.  It confuses me because the woman has beautiful velvety flawless skin and really could go without anything.  Her red lip was cute tho.  If she has a MUA, he/she should be fired im-eee-tee-it-leeee but, something tells me, once again, Mizz Hill is doing this to herself  long deep sighhhhhh.

The music


LBoogie Jazz Fest1She opened with new music and the finicky New Orleans folk were not having any of it!  The crowd rudely started humming shyt they wanted to hear.  I’m happy she’s writing again.  I guess she got the memo from the stage because she went in with some Fugees classics.  The band put a Latin/Salsa mix to them and I really wasn’t feelin’ it.  She had 3 really fly sistas for back up.  Their voices were on purnt.  There were also a few dancers with African attire and Zulu-ish face paint.  They were cute.


Next we got some MTV Unplugged 2002 Lauryn.  Mystery of Iniquity was done lovely with her and her guitar.  Mind you, between each song she had words for whoever was running the sound.  I can tell she wanted to cuss.  The sound was awful and muted.  Do better Jazz Fest people!  Anyway, she closed out with cuts from The Miseducation album circa 1998.  She did everyone’s fave Killing Me Softly.  It was beautiful.  She ended the show with Doo Wop (that thing).  The whole crowd went in.  Awesomeness.  I wish that song could be played daily in Middle Schools across Amerikkka because MESSAGE.


The Spirit


LBoogie Jazz Fest5Lauryn started out the show with high energy and a gleeful smile.  Between the outfit and technical difficulties, mid concert, she was back to “fighting the whole damn world” Lauryn.  Something in her eyes looks empty & sad.  I don’t know what this sista has been/is dealing with, but I pray whatever or whoever it is leaves her be.  I want her to win again.  I want her to be giggly, joyful, life-loving Lauryn again.  I’m sure I speak for all her fans, whether she ever gives us new music or not, we just want her to be truly happy.


I love you Lauryn Hill.



( Photo Credits, NOLA.Com, The New Orleans Advocate, Getty Images, Leslie T. Shadowsk/SplashNews)


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