Those were Zoe’s own words regarding the Nina Simone project, and she couldn’t be more correct!

The trailer for the upcoming Nina Simone biopic starring Zoe Saldana has been released and it, and in Zoe Saldana’s own words………”Nina deserved better.”

Luckily she got better in the form of an amazing documentary on Netflix entitled “What Happened, Miss Nina” which I advise everyone to go an watch, but in regards to this trash we all know Nina is turning in her grave.


The trailer is bad. I mean BAD. Like, for a second, I thought I was watching a really good MADTv parody of the type of movie white Hollywood would make about Nina Simone…until I realized I was watching a really bad trailer for white Hollywood’s telling of a Nina Simone story.


Zoe, you look a mess girl. You look a true damn fool spray painted black like that. And you know it too. That’s why you’ve been trying to distance yourself from the project ever since filming wrapped. You saw those director’s cuts and knew you were going to need a survival plan.

I’ll let the career activists and musty clamz list all the reasons this Latina woman playing Nina Simone in crayon is wrong. I don’t have the energy to look up synonyms for “systematic.”

You know what she looked like.

You know what she stood for.

It wasn’t THIS

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She threw her entire career away to be unapologetically black and the LEAST she deserved was that her blackness was recognized and appreciated!

This was Zoe’s response when she first faced backlash:

“All I can say is, though it did sting for a bit, that a community that you feel most identified with, would have such a negative backlash and you are at the epicenter of it all, it was very disappointing. But at the same time too, it is understandable. All I can say is the people that came together to do Nina, came together out of love for Nina and that will never be wrong, and I will always stand behind that.”

These were her words during post-production when she started to get a whiff of that shyt pie they were baking:

“The people behind the project weren’t my cup of tea,” she said. “The director was fine, but there was a lot of mismanagement, which is why we’re still here three years later. And I’m still trying to fight with everybody to get the movie finished. Nina deserves better.”

Maybe Gawd was trying to tell you something Zoe! But you didn’t listen.


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