“He Fights. He Don’t Play. Juan LaFonta will handle your Case!”

Here in New Orleans our local lawyers seem to standout based on their commercials.

Whether it’s how much money Morris Bart got someone or Chip Forstall making sure all the old blues singers eat the commercials have turned into a part of local Qulture.

But none have made a statement quite like my buddy Juan LaFonta and his “Juan LaFonta” bounce by Big Freedia! The Queen Diva!

Juan and Free went viral earlier this year and the song even reached the top ten of local radio stations.


I was so jealous of all the attention Juan was getting that I blackmailed him into letting me be in the next one.

And it’s HERE!

Produced and directed by another good friend Kevin Conway of Rising Phoenix productions, Juan takes it back to the Qmunity.

Juan is someone passionate about equality and diversity. He’s put his money and support behind many projects that promote inclusiveness in a city that needs to come together now more than ever.

The first commercial may have been real “bounce video”, but this one really captures his “Creole Daddy Warbucks” like personality. {I kid. I kid with you}

Of course your fave Shady Blogger is chilling in the cut. {They cut out my twerk scene}

If your kid needs a snowball this summer make sure to see Juan LaFonta for it. Tell him VQ said it was HIS treat!


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VQ Nola: Juan LaFonta and Big Freedia Bounce it out AGAIN!

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