Greetings Qool Hive! It’s been a minute since I’ve checked in, and you’ll have to accept my apologies, and assurances that I won’t be leaving you again for that long anytime soon. In fact, I’m popping in to tell you there’s gonna be a lot more VQ in these Digital and Radio Streetz.

I’ll be joining “Big Abe” on Hot 103.7 every Wednesday mornings at 8:00 a.m. for his “Kicking it with VQ” segment.

I’ll be bringing Southern Shade to New Orleans’ newest and Qoolest adult urban contemporary station.

Not only do I want you to tune in, but just go ahead and set your dial to 103.7 from here on out. The staff has been beyond supportive, and they’ve offered me a new home for the entire Summer.

Check out my intro segments below to get you caught up!

And, as always, thanks for supporting The VitaminQ



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