MusiQ and art should reflect the times. The perspectives and angst of youth are what are the tales they will tell of our civilization. It’s why I champion so hard for the storytellers telling the truth. In 25….50…..100 years from now when people ask what happened here someone with discernment will feel which art was the most sincere, and perhaps fix the things that we couldn’t.

My friends at EMFAM entertainment have Qreated just that with their short music film titled “Life Matters” as a South Louisiana reflection on the recent events surrounding the murder of Alton Sterling and the conflict surrounding it.

EMFAM artists {In order of appearance} BrandNu, Take Off, Love Muzik, Dyzpute and Cali-Cal give heartfelt performances in this short short film by Toxic The Director {Michael A. Cooper} executive produced by Dr. Raymond Delaney Jr.

I’m proud of the project and of the message. It’s not apologetic, and it doesn’t ask us to sing Kumbaya with insincere hearts. The problems in America are so layered right now that it’s going to take many voices coming together just to paint the picture. Everyone should step forward with their say. I applaud the Qreatives at EMFAM for such a sincere and polished project. Great job to everyone involved.

I strongly feel that if your faves aren’t Qreating art that reflects or acknowledges your life perspective….then WHY are they your faves?

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