Reality star Kim Kardashian West is somewhere healing after being robbed by masked gunman for more than $10 million dollars worth in jewelry. She was sleeping at a Paris apartment she and Kanye West normally take up residents while in the city.  Her husband Kanye West was nearby performing his San Pablo set when he abruptly cancelled the show once hearing about his wife’s attack.

The robbery took place in a rented apartment at a luxury private mansion in Paris’ 8th arrondissement previously used by the couple on several previous occasions.


Kim Kardashian West Paris Apartment

The French Interior Ministry tells media that gunmen pulled weapons on the concierge of the mansion and forced him to allow them access to Kim Kardashian’s room after handcuffing him.

Two men then entered Kim and Kanye’s apartment to find Kim Kardashian alone. At gunpoint, they bound and gagged a terrified Kim who begged for her life for the sake of her children. She was locked in a  bathroom while they stole jewelry and two cellphones.

The prosecutor’s office said a ring worth an estimated 4 million euros ($4.49 million) and a jewelry box with contents worth about 5 million euros ($5.6 million) were stolen.
It has not been disclosed whether this was her own jewelry or items she had borrowed for Paris Fashion Week, which she was in the city to attend.
In addition to her original engagement ring from Kanye West in 2013, it was reported that he gave her a second ring last month with a huge stone, which she has been flaunting on social media.


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Kim’s regular bodyguard Pascal Duvier was not with her at the time.

Authorities have also stated that the robbery looks to have been done by someone with abundant inside knowledge of the Kardashian-Wests {Which could be anyone who follows them on social media}

Kim Kardashian has since left Paris after giving her statement. She is “physically unharmed”, but very “shaken up.”

Who knows who could be behind The Great Kardashian-West Jewel Heist, but I won’t make light of what Kim has been through. Having a gun pointed in your face by someone who doesn’t see your life worth more than what they want from you is a scary experience. But if you’re lucky enough to walk away from it then it’ll make you sincerely evaluate how much information about your whereabouts and possessions you share with social media. Because when the villains come for your prized possessions you can’t say “I don’t have anything” when they just saw it on Instagram. 

It’s one thing for men to get robbed, but a woman at the mercy of gunman has to be a frightening situation. I’m very glad all they got away with were replaceable, over-priced rocks.

Be careful everyone!


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Kim Kardashian West: Robbed in Paris by Gunpoint!

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