Joanne the scammer is my new favorite stunt Queen and she’s giving the Atlanta girls a run for their money!

You can see Joanne “living like a caucasian” all over social media, but she’s scammed herself into bigger networks over the last week by stunting her way into the MTV VMAs

And then by using that scam to come for two of the biggest names in the business. 

Everyone was wondering what that website was all about until THIS video was leaked by Joanne herself boasting about her sly caucasian revenge on Drake for snubbing her chance to get a selfie with him.

She dropped 3k on the domain name that had everyone wondering if the two Pop Stars were officially a thing. {beyond just a marketing blitz for “Work”}

You don’t want it with Joanne and her caucasian antics. She’s a messy bytch that lives for drama!

I’m here for it tho!



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Joanne The Scammer Scams Drake & Rihanna With Phony Website!

by VitaminQ est. read time: 1 min

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