I find talking about relationship drama to be trite and frivolous. Partly because most celebrities just use their personal life to stay trending and mostly because it’s a redundant conversation. However, there are some situations that are thrown in our faces and we have no choice but to see the cautionary tale in it. As is the case with Keisha Knight-Pulliam Hartwell and Ed Hartwell.

Brief recap

*Cosby Show sweetheart Keisha Knight-Pulliam and Ed Hartwell surprised everyone with a pop up wedding back in January after dating briefly. (Apparently they were “introduced” by Keisha’s casual friend Lisa Wu. Ed’s ex-wife and co start from Real Housewives of Atlanta)

*A couple weeks ago Keisha shared a baby bump pic on Instagram. (A source from People say that Ed wasn’t comfortable going public with it because of their relationship problems but she went public anyway}

*4 days after that Ed leaves the house one day, calls Keisha and tells her he just filed for divorce.

*He also asked for a paternity test triggering all the gossip buzz throughout social media.

*Keisha was forced to make a statement to ETOnline after being dragged into this public mess and accused of adultery.

As you can see in the video it just became too much for our girl to take.  Keisha has maintained a low profile life since her years on The Cosby Show. She hasn’t been the type to “Date” her way to media relevancy. I’m sure it’s VERY difficult dealing with a man publicly leaving you while pregnant in a pretty new relationship. And while leaving you he uses your celebrity against you and insinuates YOU cheated on HIM when actually HE cheated on YOU. {These dudes are out here living reckless}

It’s rumored that the relationship broke down over Ed’s “traditional” view of marriage.

Sources say he wanted a wife in the kitchen baking pies and Keisha has been groomed from a young age to be self sufficient and outgoing. It’s also rumored Ed made comments Keisha was a “princess” and “submissiveness” was an issue.

I feel really bad that Keisha was put in the position where she would have to defend her reputation in this manner. There was no evidence of cheating. No suspicion of cheating. And this is a woman whose spend her adult life protecting the image she created as a child and remaining scandal free.

For Ed to publicly accuse of her adultery and passing off someone else’s kid off on him with no basis for the accusations is slanderous. She should take the paternity test and sue his broke ass.

I feel like Ed swept her off her feet because he saw dollar signs and when he found out mama’s tight with the coin purse and does her own thing he wanted out.

This isn’t petty “Battle of the sexes” drama. This is basic ethics on how you to treat other humans. Integrity. Matrimony. And now Parenthood. 

What decent man would want this scandal surrounding the conception of his daughter?

Did Ed really think Keisha was going to pay all the bills AND be his happy housewife?

The heteronormative black community is always talking about marriage but look at the respect marriage is shown. Marriage goes beyond the #BlackLove photo op.

tumblr_m174gzebq51qj4uerIt’s a partnership and commitment. And, frankly, commitment isn’t being instilled in many of these men and women. Too many are just looking at what angle to play you from and what escape route they’ll use. Even if it has to end it can still be done with dignity and mutual respect.

Another thing that I’m always noticing in OUR relationship dramas is that there are so many among us who see beauty and just wanna suck it dry or destroy. We don’t nurture, preserve, or restore beauty enough in our community for my taste.  If you don’t plan on leaving something better than what you found it….then leave it alone. 

I believe Keisha was blindsided but she went into it willfully naive and that’s not a way to live your life in this day and age. I say this to anyone with a good heart. Man or woman. Gay or Straight. Becareful. A wolf is ALWAYS at the door.

{And honestly…dudes it’s time you all stop asking decent women with their own stuff, no kids, and good intentions to stop taking chances on you if you’re a bum looking for a “Queen”. (as you do on social media) The odds for success are too low for you to be selling these pipe dreams!}


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Baby Don’t Cry: Keisha Knight-Pulliam Breaks Down Over Ed Hartwell Drama {Video}

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