Comedian Faizon Love was promoting his appearance at Arlington’s Improv by stopping into the Tom Joyner Morning Show. You can tell from the look in his eye that he was about nothing but mess and FuQQery and used the appearance to give his diagnosis for Katt Williams’ public outbursts.

He also explained why he capes so hard for Kevin Hart as well as some other frivolous filler talk, but his words on Katt was where Satan won.

And if that wasn’t enough Mess and Pettiness here’s Part 2!

I’m not going to say these accusations sound completely far-fetched, but I’m not sure this was the way. Faizon came too ready to come and spill tea like a JennyWoman. If Katt is gay I’m sure it’s tough being slim, lightskin with long hair and the chubby boys you turn down can’t take and try to drag you on social media {Who hasn’t been THERE?} But I suppose all is fair in Hate and Qomedy, so we can only sit here and wait to see what color the walls turn next because I know Katt won’t be taking this lying down {or bent over}.

{Source: Black America Web}

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Comedian Faizon Love Blames Katt Williams’ Outbursts on Repressed Homosexuality!

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