Years Ago. When Hip Hop was still pure and all was well New York at two upstarts. Jay Z and Nas. Premium rappers with their own distinctive sounds who personified New York Hip Hop. They would go on to have one of the most legendary feuds in Rap History and one woman says she was the inspiration behind Jay-Z’s diss track “Super Ugly” {In which he bragged about sleeping with Nas’ baby mother} which triggered Nas’ classic “Ether.”

That woman is raggedy ass Carmen Bryan. The outspoken Baby mama from hell of Nas who now admits that is was getting pregnant for Jay-Z that sparked the feud that killed the innocence of New York Hip Hop.

Take a look at her Vlad interview Here!

Carmen has a long history of #ToxicFemininity. Nas could not keep the dysfunction of this relationship over the years a secret if he wanted to. She doesn’t seem like she’s on the same continent of being ready to move on as evident by the rose-colored filter on her past heaux-ness.

The one thing I want everyone to take away from this is the delusion she lives in. She really thinks she’s Sharon Newman torn between two great loves…..instead of the dirty, vindictive jezebel she was. It takes super powers to deny accountability for decades as you poison every relationship around you while everyone else has tried to move on and grab whatever little piece of happiness they could salvage in spite of you.

Be Bless Sis!

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Old Mess: Carmen Bryan Gloats About Getting Pregnant For Jay-Z While With Nas!

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