What’s good Qool Hive?! Things have been Qrazy in these Digital Streetz and I threw myself in it like it was Mardi Gras. The trans issues has gone viral and everyone has an opinion. Of course I believe mine matters more than others so check it the podcasts from my weekly visit to Hot 103.7 New Orleans to wrap it all up.

Let’s Chronicle The Mess!

It all began earlier this week when Atlanta singer Bobby Valentino got put on blast by a transgender escort for refusing to pay the fee.

We all know how Gay Mess resonates in the black community so it’s been a rough week for Bobby. I spoke with Big Abe of Hot 103.7 about it here.


That situation sparked a conversation on The Breakfast Club who was hosting comedian Lil Duval in which he said that he would kill a trans that tricked him into sleeping with him. Which has taken the trans and gay hate to new levels on social media. 

{I hate to call it phobia because its not}

My feeds across all social media sites showed that killing trans when heterosexual black men claim they didn’t know they were sleeping with someone who used to be or {Or most often still is} seemed to be a reasonable response.

Then of course comes the casual dehumanizations

Comparing being flirted with or seen with your gay “friends” to rape took the cake for me.

Post after post it was the same themes and rhetoric from The BlaQs

“Gays are second class citizens”

And I’ve actually come to a place where how others feel about that is okay. I don’t like racists or bigots in any group. Just like I’m happy to know which of my white friends aligns with Trump so I can stay away from them. I also like knowing which of my black friends thinks that murder based on sexuality is ok. 

There was one local personality who was creating a safe place for some very violent hate speech that surprised me because he is aligned with some high respected artists who promote inclusion and diversity. When I questioned his hate speech he scoffed at me and did that “I’m morally superior” smug speech all the “respectable” local blacks do. But that too is my trigger. Watching these people rationalize and promote hate on one post then pretending to be about freedom and fairness in the next. 

I’ve also made clear that my stance to transexuals is to tell the truth. But, honestly, I believe that many are and that so many men pretend they don’t know to hide their desires. The women are mad because deep down they know their men aren’t righteous. They just project it at the wrong ones.

I also don’t support gays shaming or outing out of malice and with the intent to destroy a black person’s reputation. I feel trans proclaim to be women, but on mad day they know they’re men and make sure everyone else knows it. It’s not right, but that does not represent all trans girls. Mainly just the escorts..when you don’t pay them their coin.

But the most important message I want to leave EVERYONE with is always “know your sex partners.” It will save you a lot of time and heartache. Because “Your honor she turned out to be a man” won’t be a good defense in a murder trial.

I won’t even ask your opinions on this one because we all know how you feel.


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“Kicking it With VQ” Trans, Bobby Valentino, Lil Duval, & The Breakfast Club

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