The Mimi Faust SexTape Photos~

Poor Mimi.  In an effort to prove to the world that she’s over Stevie J, she went out and found an even slimier version of him.  I’m sure both of them would like us to believe that these “stars” of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta never intended for this sex tape to see the light of day, but we all know that’s not true.  

Now that they have I have to share them with you not because they’re hot.  Not because they’re arousing, but because they are so damn sad that I hope to encourage others making sex tapes for fame outside of the porn industry and you can get caught out here looking foolish. Especially when you’re  a 45-year-old mother, and your co-star is even bigger attention-seeking groupie than you are.  I hope when she looks at this tape again she says to herself “I really need to get my shyt together.”  Mona is out here prostituting you for views sweetie.  Refocus and find your center.

No shade thought to anyone getting down like this.  It’s just that we just can’t have the kids thinking these are normal steps to success.

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