I dropped in on Big Abe over at The Hot 103.7 studios again this week after an ole nassy wake and bake and he took full advantage of my unGodly state. {I make no apologies for who I am}. Abe wanted all the social media mess. From bitter baby mamas on father’s day to Monsta wit the fade pussy popping on a handstand, and I was glad to give it to him

Abe wanted to talk about what Father’s Day has turned into on black social media. Instead of a highlight of great fathers its become a wailing wall for women looking to bring awareness to deadbeat dads. Its gotten out of control. Listen on the audio below.

As you heard, I don’t support deadbeats but why ruin the day for good dads?

Anyway, I saw Abe was ready t stir up some mess and I was right. He then asked me about local New Orleans internet personality Monsta wit da Fade. Last week Monsta went viral for pussy popping in a diaper and Burger King crown while sucking a pacifier on Facebook Live. {Secure the likes bish}

Monsta said he was having a good time….and I believe him. My ONLY issue was that Monsta does A LOT of gay-bashing and blaming “da ponks” for everything wrong with the New Orleans bounce scene while rationalizing his own very suspect behavior. Listen to the rest here.

See…..I was nice. what ya think?

Please listen to Big Abe every morning on New Orleans’ Hottest R&B station The Hot 103.7. I’ll be there every Wednesday morning at 8:15. Until then follow me on Facebook!

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Big Abe & VQ on 103.7 : Black Father’s Day & Monsta’s Diaper Dance {Audio}

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